6 things you must know about being a yoga teacher
Yoga Teacher Training

6 Things You Must Know About Being a Yoga Teacher

Being a Yoga Teacher: 6 Things You Must Know

6 things you must know about being a yoga teacher

Teaching yoga can be scary and hectic for even the most experienced yoga teacher. Don’t let your fears and doubts get the best of you. Here, the best 6 things you should know about being a yoga teacher.

1.   Teaching yoga and practicing yoga is completely different

Being an advanced yoga practitioner doesn’t make you an advanced teacher. There is a big difference between knowing something and being able to explain and transfer that knowledge to students. When practicing yoga, you don’t consider small details of how you do your asanas anymore, you simply know.

So, it is important to pursue a good yoga teacher training course that teaches you how to give good instructions and clues. You will also need to learn proper alignments for different body types and how to give personal improvements to these people.

2.   A teacher is not quite the same as an Instructor

Most people get confused between their role as a teacher or an instructor. An instructor is someone who just provides or explains instructions to do an asana or exercise. Mostly an instructor will stand in front during most of the class and show the asanas for students to follow. An instructor is ever more worried about what to do and how to do it and will follow a set pattern, sequence or instructions during the class.

While a yoga teacher is more concerned with helping every student meet their aim of coming to the yoga class. A teacher is aware of each student’s personal goals. The person knows about the strengths as well as the challenges of each student and offers guidance on the best way to improve. A yoga teacher walks around the class watching, helping, rectifying and transforming the students. You should make a clear choice about which you wish to be.

3.   You don’t need to be a super asana performer

Many people are afraid to start teaching because they think their own training isn’t sufficient. Remember that everyone has some limitations in their bodies. Some people are very flexible but lack of strength, some people have strength but lack of flexibility, and some have both but lack of balance and concentration. Every yoga teacher has difficulty with certain poses.

It is much more important to know the alignments of the asanas and their benefits and to be able to explain this very clearly to the students than it is to be able to do all the asanas perfectly. Most of the students know this and don’t expect their teacher to be a super asana performer.

4.   Trust is important

You cannot teach anybody anything until they start to trust you. Humans are curious and dubious by nature. We can’t help it. Be prepared to be judged and observed by your new students in their first classes with you. They want to see what you do, how you walk, sit and talk.

Even when your students have to close their eyes, you can make certain that at least some of them are still looking at you to see what you are doing. It is essential to know about this and to keep maintaining professional posture and attitude during the whole class. When they trust you, they will feel comfortable around you and will not mind if you make mistakes.

5.   Teaching yoga can be a full-time career

Many people accept that they can’t live just by teaching yoga, and think they need to have a “real” job along with it. This could be true if you are not a good teacher or do not have the essential skills.

Yoga teaching can be a truly comfortable and satisfying career for those who are professional, have a clear vision, know their subject, have the skills of communication, marketing and actually care for their students. There is a shortage of teachers like them, so if you are ready to improve yourselves into this role, the sky is your limit.

6.   A yoga teacher does not have to be a spiritual guru

In spite of the fact that yoga is actually a spiritual practice, you don’t need to be very spiritual or a highly advanced person to be a yoga teacher. You can just be a “Yoga Asana Teacher.” Most people practice yoga as physical exercise and don’t care about the spiritual aspects in the beginning.

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