Best Yoga Asanas For Body Pain Relief
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Best Yoga Asanas For Body Pain Relief

Yoga Asanas To Relieve From Full Body Pain

Yoga is the best and traditional way to lead a healthy life. It helps in toning the whole body more flexible and provides strength to your body. Yoga is also the best effective and natural way to treat from body pain. Anyone who is suffering from a headache, joint pain, back pain or any other body pain can depend on yoga for treatment. Here we are sharing a few yoga asanas that can help you to treat from body pain naturally. These yoga asanas will not only help in curing body pain but will also give you some health benefits. The best time to perform these yoga asanas for better results is with an empty stomach. If you do not have time in the morning then you can also practice them in the evening but your stomach should be empty. So, let’s continue to know some yoga asanas to treat from body pain and also know their other health benefits.

Best Yoga Asanas For Body Pain Relief

Bow Pose

Bow pose also known as Dhanurasana. This is the basic yoga posture which gives the entire back a good stretch and it has multiple health benefits. It is a simple yoga asana which will stretch your whole body very well. Benefits of Dhanurasana are:

  • It helps in reducing joint pain
  • It relieves back pain
  • It prevents menstrual cramps
  • It acts as a stress reliever
  • It improves gut health
  • It improves blood circulation
  • It helps in reducing weight loss
  • It increases flexibility


Lay down straight on the floor on your stomach. Now raise your upper body as well as your legs. Bend your knees and raise your hands backward. Now hold your ankles with your both hands. Pull your legs and hands upwards as much as possible. Remain on this position for 15 to 20 seconds and look straight all through the asana. Later returned to the starting position. Keep repeating this pose at least three times a day for effective results.

Seated Forward Bend Pose

It is generally known as Paschimottanasana. This asana includes almost every body part and stretches the entire body very well. This asana is a good pain reliever and helps in controlling diabetes and high blood pressure. Some benefits of Paschimottanasana are:

  • It prevents headache
  • It treats digestive disorders
  • It cures back pain
  • It helps in reducing shoulder and neck pain
  • It reduces fat around the abdomen
  • It improves mental health
  • It strengthens leg muscles


You can start this asana by being seated straight on the floor with your legs stretched out in front of you. Now inhale deeply and lift your arms upwards, over your head. Exhale and bend forward. Try to touch your toes with your hands. Keep your head down on your knees. Do not lift your knees during this asana. At the starting stage, you may not be able to touch your toes but after some days of regular practice, you will be able to touch your toes. Remain in this position for 20 to 30 seconds and then returned to the starting position. Practice this asana daily for effective results.

Triangle Pose

Triangle pose is effective and good for the entire body. It is excellent for improving the muscles of the lower body. It is also called trikonasana. Some benefits of Trikonasana are:

  • It reduces joint pain especially knee pain
  • It strengthens arms and thighs
  • It treats shoulder pain
  • It cures back pain
  • It stimulates spinal nerves
  • It enhances gut health
  • It treats neck sprains
  • It strengthens ankles
  • It tones ligaments of arms and legs


Stand straight with your feet one leg-length apart. Pull your right foot completely outwards. Now keep your both arms straight on your sides, parallel to the ground with palms facing down. Turn your body towards the right to reach your right foot by bending the entire body to the same side. Your left arm should be stretched upwards and look at your left hand. Remain in this position for 30 seconds and then come back to the original position by repeating the same procedure with the left hand.


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