Importance of Alignment in Yoga Practice
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How important is the correct Alignment in Yoga Practice?

What is an Alignment in Yoga?

Alignment is the word we use in yoga when we talk about the ideal way that a pose should be done. Alignment can be defined as the best relationship between the bones of the body and its musculature that maximizes the benefits of physical efficiency and ease of movement.

Importance of Alignment in Yoga Practice

The Importance of Alignment in Yoga Practice

Alignment is of great importance when practicing yoga with the correct alignment, the purpose is to prevent any pain, discomfort or injury and reduce strain on muscles and ligaments.

Yoga today is a vastly well-known form of self-exercise and self-control. Almost every locality can boast of its own special yoga guru who boasts of various unique approaches starting from Ashtanga yoga to hatha yoga and such. While any of these could be extraordinarily helpful for a person’s overall health, not just the physical health, what really happens is people in some cases left away after experiencing big discomfort or extreme pain as a result of doing it. You may ask for what reason would this occur? Indeed, that is a direct result of the inappropriate alignment.

Yoga works simply like a prescription. While the correct dose can be incredibly helpful however improper dosage can cause many complications and undue pain. This happens basically when the arrangement of the body gets disturbed, and the general flow of body movement is stopped. Stretching your body in a mistaken way or moving the body weight inappropriately can even reason serious injuries. This sort of circumstance arises because of incorrect alignment. Yoga Asanas are one type of activity and self-training which depends on alignment heavily and the maximum benefit from it can be extracted only by improving and correcting the alignment.

With consideration regarding proper alignment, yoga helps to strengthen weaker areas and release areas of tension, helping to realign the whole body. When we practice in this way we can free the body from pains and improve poses. As the body moves into better alignment, circulation improves, muscles move more freely and this leads to a more relaxed natural state.

Alignment of the bones and joints bring the body into better balance and brings a balanced flow of energy within the body.

Attention to alignment is about much more than making a list of points to remember while performing a particular pose. It’s an approach to develop body awareness and this can influence many aspects of life positively.

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