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Reasons Why Yoga is better than Gym

Reasons Why Yoga is better than Gym | Vedic Yoga Foundation

Why Yoga Is Better Than Gym

Every physical or mental activity is designed to make our body and mind better than what they were yesterday.

“It’s difficult to start but once you started, it’s difficult to stop.”

The idea of Gym has been promoted so much that it appears the main or most ideal way of maintaining fitness. But the truth is that Gym can only help in structuring our body. Whereas, Yoga can be considered as a much better option if you are looking for something beyond the physical benefits. Yoga is a group of physical, mental, and spiritual practices or disciplines which originated in ancient India for as long as 5000 years. Yoga is seen as an exercise that not only energizes the body but also strengthens the mind and increases the spirituality. Today Yoga has been broadly acknowledged and practiced all over the world, especially in the West, for its ability to fight stress and calm anxiety.

Despite the fact that Yoga is an ancient practice, today its physiological benefits are well supported by scientific proofs. Doctors and therapists consider Yoga as an inconspicuous type of activity that can create wonders for the body.

Although there are several types of workout, none of them assurance a whole-body transformation. Yoga has always been a matter of debate whether Yoga is a better workout than going to the gym. From increased strength to flexibility to heart health, here are some best reasons to rolling out the mat why doing yoga is better than working out at the gym.

Let’s have a look at some of the effective reasons which prove Yoga is a way better than Gym!


8 Best Reasons Why Yoga is better than Gym


1.      Yoga is versatile! It provides a complete body workout.

At the gym, you get bored because you need to use different equipment to work on different parts of the body, isn’t it? And, the routine kills the pleasure and interest. On the other hand, Yoga is very versatile. There are so much of variations to perform every day. Yoga engages in all the poses and positions. And, the body is strengthened, made flexible and stretched. It is not likely that you will get bored of doing Yoga.

2.      Yoga can be practiced anywhere.

Yoga does not need any place to perform yoga. Just all you need any equipment is a yoga mat, and you can do it anywhere at any time. Whereas gym requires a proper space with equipment to workout. And, you will have to invest in gym clothes and spend a significant amount of your time traveling to and from the gym. So, doing yoga is far more convenient than going to the gym.

3.      Yoga is relaxed and easier to continue.

If you think that it’s difficult to lift weights or run for miles, then go for Yoga. The best thing about yoga is, it doesn’t need those powerful gym movements. Obviously, there levels in Yoga as well, but to start off, you won’t feel that this is not for you. Also, when you practice Yoga and meditation, you will excitedly wait for your next session, so you are less likely to quit it. This is exactly why Yoga is a better workout than going to the gym.

4.      Yoga is for everybody.

Yoga or gym that choice likewise depends on your age. As there is no age limit for doing yoga, it can be done by everybody, unlike gym. A kid, as well as an aged person, can do it very well. It increases your concentration, which can play an important role in a child’s development. Also, those who have health issues which are stopping them to get more fit in the gym, they can also go for yoga. With consistency and focus, Yoga can help you to get more fit.

5.      Yoga makes the body extremely flexible.

As we get older, our bodies turn out to be less flexible. This leads to frequent injuries. Practicing yoga consistently makes your body very flexible and strong, keeping injuries under control. Going to the gym might make you more energetic, but it does not make you as flexible as doing yoga.

6.      Yoga does not cause frequent injuries.

Gym-goers, especially beginners complain about joint pain, sprains, muscle tear, back injury, etc. But, in yoga, you will learn to unite your body and mind. The movements are mild and slow. So, this allows you to move with ease and feel the way your body twists and turns without any discomfort at all times. The result? An injury-free, strong, healthy yoga exercises for you.

7.      Yoga is less costly.

Yoga is less costly as compared to Gym. Gym equipment, membership, clothes, and personal trainer will cost you lots of money. But yoga doesn’t involve any huge expenditure. You can purchase a CD or DVD and start doing yoga even at home. Or, you can join a yoga school as well for learning it. Yoga is not as expensive as going to the gym.

8.      Yoga brings discipline to your life.

This does not happen when you work out at the gym. Yoga changes your methodology towards life, improves your lifestyle and makes you a better person. You start loving yourself and value your life.


Final words

The Yoga teacher’s training is the best way to get familiar with advanced yoga techniques which transform your life. Yoga is an art that helps in maintaining a healthy and positive lifestyle. The yoga teacher training can also help in spreading the knowledge to others. The Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh, India at Vedic Yoga Foundation is the perfect destination for learning yoga in its traditional to modern form.

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