How To Choose The Right Clothing For Yoga practice
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What To Choose The Right Clothing For Yoga Practice

How To Choose The Right Clothes For Yoga.

Having good clothes for yoga is one of the keys to be able to practice yoga in good conditions. Only then will you be able to perform all body movements and gestures, with freedom and safety.

When you’re in yoga class, you should be comfortable. You will move into a variety of positions, and your clothes need to remain on you and not restrict your movement. Thus, you’ll need a good top and bottom to allow you to stay as flexible as possible.

How To Choose The Right Clothing For Yoga practice

What clothes to wear to do yoga practice?

The flexible body is necessary for any athletic activities. For the sportsman, the flexible, absorbent self-adherent dressing is essential. The key rule that you should remember with respect to the most suitable clothes to practice yoga is that comfort wins. Whatever clothing you choose must always be above whatever else and comfortable. The clothes you see ought to enable you to move openly, making ventures, push forward, back, stay a couple of minutes in relaxing, sit with folded legs, raise your arms, and bend your legs and everything else we do in yoga.

Yoga isn’t represented by the standards of design, but under a philosophical tradition that interests you to do your training in the most ideal way possible. What is looked for is to heal and revitalize the body, calm the mind and expand the spirit: criteria altogether different from those that govern the world today.

As yoga is an ancient discipline that has a spiritual background, it is very important to bear in mind that it has a series of foundations that we must respect in our way of dressing. One of them is cleanliness: yoga teaches us that internal and external cleansing is essential. Our body must be detoxified to be healthy and strong and our mind must be as contaminated as possible from external stimuli, thoughts, and negative energies. Our clothes must follow the same principle.

It also gives a brilliant character to the practice, because if we wear nice clothes and in good condition, we are preparing symbolically to tune in with our spirit. We are reminding ourselves that this yoga practice is a way to love and connect with something bigger.

We should not overlook that yoga is a meditative and significant practice. In spite of the fact that we state that it is desirable that the clothes are in good condition, this does not mean anything new or fashionable, because simplicity is central in yoga. Not at all like other spaces where the body is working, which can be unimportant or vainglorious, yoga just the opposite, space where clothing must be convenient and must respect the practice with unobtrusiveness and admiration. In this way, it is better to maintain a strategic distance from conspicuousness.

It is important to remember that we don’t have to go out and purchase anything to start practicing yoga or we should dress in a special way to practice it.

We also want to go beyond the ego, which is our feeling of independence, of which vanity is a part. If yoga is practiced as it should be, each person is focused on their own practice and does not go to a class to show off, to compare, to see or to be seen.

Final Words

Use clothes that allow you to move, that is comfortable and that is in good condition. It is advisable to wear loose clothing or soft and flexible materials, such as cotton and lycra. The leggings, sweatpants, shorts stretch or even the shorts in the summer fulfill that function. The shirts can be loose or tight, sleeveless, long or short sleeves, it doesn’t make a difference. In yoga, we practice shoeless postures because we need firm contact with the earth but in winter you can wear socks.

Yoga is a technique with wonderful physical and psychological benefits, but it is also meditative, spiritual and philosophical in its essence. It requires concentration and recollection of the senses, so each one is immersed in his own practice, thinking about each posture, his breathing, feeling the body and taking the attention inward. If there is a suggested dress is for the comfort of each one, for doing a safe practice, without distractions or restrictions, and for respecting the harmony and spirit of the practice. It should not be complicated.

If you follow it up then you are good to go. Comfort will take you to a whole new level with the relaxed yoga sessions.

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