Yoga at workplace for neck, back, and shoulder pain relief
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Yoga at Work Place for Neck, Back, and Shoulder Relief

Workplace Yoga for Neck, Back, and Shoulder Relief

When you are working a sitting job on the computer, it can give a lot of stress to your neck, back, and shoulders. It can add to a severe neck, back, and shoulder pain. Then, it is even more important to practice yoga. Performing Yoga at a workplace is important to ease the stress. Neck pain is now a common disorder because of workplace condition nowadays. Sitting throughout the day at your PC or laptops increases pressure on your neck and shoulder. Regular yoga practice and exercise is the best way to relax your muscles. This may include your lower back, neck, hips, and shoulders pain. Your hectic plan does not allow you to practice routinely, due to which your neck and shoulder suffer a lot. In such a circumstance you should attempt basic and quick yoga exercises to decrease the adverse result of sitting all day. You can do yoga at your workplace or during your work breaks. Not only does yoga help in relieving stiffness but it gets the blood circulating so you can become stronger, feel more energetic, and increase productivity.

Yoga at workplace for neck, back, and shoulder pain relief

Here are some simple yoga poses or exercises which you can perform on your workplace itself to relax your neck and shoulder muscles.

Yoga for Neck, Back, & Shoulder Relief

Neck Rotation

Moving your neck gradually in a circular way can increase the movement of neck muscles in all the directions. Sit straight on your chair and move your neck slowly in circular motion. Repeat this for at least three times, clockwise and anti-clockwise. Breathe deeply while doing yoga practice. You can repeat this exercise twice a day.

Ear to Shoulder

It is another activity to stretch both neck and shoulder muscles. You should simply try to touch your right ear to your right shoulder while sitting straight. Repeat the same for the left ear. Do at least five repetitions for each side two times every day.

Seated Side Stretch

Seated side stretch will help in moving your whole upper body and relax all the muscles involved. To perform seated side stretch sit straight on the seat and stretch your right arm upwards. Now, keep moving your upper body to the left side. Stretch your arm and upper body as much as you can. Now repeat the same with your left arm. Repeat this three times for both the arms.

Arm Rotation

Arm rotation will stretch your shoulder muscles. It will also help in releasing strain from your arms. While sitting straight touch your shoulders with your separate hands. Now move your both arms in the same movement. Move your arms multiple times both clockwise and anticlockwise. Repeat this exercise twice a day.

Seated Tadasana

Raise your both hands over the shoulders while sitting straight. Stretch your arms and fingers as much as you can. Remain in this position for a few seconds and return to the starting position. Do at least four repetitions of the same. You can play out this asana both standing and sitting. Breathe deeply all through the motion.

Different tactics to counter the side effects of sitting throughout the day are:

  • Stand after regular intervals
  • Take a walk after lunch
  • Walk while attending phone calls
  • Perform yoga while sitting all the time





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